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Restructuring 0 To 60 Music Services

After my first couple years in business, it has become clear that the original vision and mission of 0 To 60 Music Services needs to be reexamined.  The business began as an offshoot of my work as a Music Administrator for a large, local church.

There was a lot of interest in taking what I had developed for this one organization and opening it out to many.  Unfortunately, it quickly became clear that there was a significant lack of interest in what 0 To 60 Music Services was bringing to the table.  So, 2017 became a year of reflection and retooling.

■ Composition

  ■ Performance

    ■ Administration

The most obvious change to 0 To 60 Music Services is the move away from bringing professional-level music services to ministries that normally can't afford it.  I found that there was a much greater interest in my compositional and performance skills, technical experience and most of all my consulting insights.

Going forward into 2018, 0 To 60 Music Services is going to continue shifting its focus toward providing new music, both in printed form and live performance, and even more in-depth consulting and technical services.

I am extremely grateful for all the support I’ve received from my clients over these first few years and look forward to providing you with the music services you’ve needed and have been asking for.

Take Care,

Matthew Armstrong, Owner
0 To 60 Music Services