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  • Print as many copies as you need

  • Buy once and use as long as you'd like

  • Never worry about music going out of print

What is InfiniPrintSM?
InfiniPrintSM from 0 To 60 Music Services is a new approach to purchasing music that saves you both time and money. An InfiniPrintSM License supersedes the usual limitation of U.S. copyright law by allowing you to print as many copies of your music as you need for one flat fee.
What makes InfiniPrintSM different?
U.S. copyright law treats digitally downloaded scores no differently than printed and shipped scores so the usual copyright restrictions which prevent you from legally making copies of printed scores also applies to digitally downloaded versions. To get around this limitation the InfiniPrintSM License is an agreement between you and 0 To 60 Music Services which allows you to print as many copies as you need, indefinitely.
InfiniPrintSM vs Other Publishers?
While most other major music publishers are now offering digital downloads of their scores, they don’t pass along their savings when you produce your own physical copies. Most music sets from 0 To 60 Music Services are a flat rate of $75 which means that if a physical copy costs an average of $2.50 each, any number of copies you make above 30 is essentially FREE.
InfiniPrintSM Restrictions
In order to be economically viable, an InfiniPrintSM License from 0 To 60 Music Services only applies to 1 performance ensemble. This means that if you direct both an academic and a religious music group you may not share the scores between those groups. Music purchased under an InifiniPrintSM License may not be bought, sold, loaned, leased or shared in any way with other performance ensembles.