Professional Music Solutions For Local Churches

About Me

My name is Matthew Armstrong and I created 0 To 60 Music Services in order to provide my clients with the diversity of my 30+ years of music experience in one place.  I have a degree in Composition from California State University at Fullerton with additional training as a vocalist, pianist and conductor and have been studying music since I was 5.

I have composed, arranged and orchestrated music for large churches (multi-1000+), conducted both small vocal ensembles and large choirs (100+), served as a Music Minister, Worship Administrator and Worship Leader for churches of all sizes, recorded on a multi-platinum selling album, performed as a pianist/keyboardist/accompanist in styles ranging from rock & pop to jazz & classical and accumulated extensive experience in sound design and engineering for live performances.  I've also developed and taught music reading classes as part of integrated programs and as stand-alone clinics and I host a podcast (CopyrightMatters) with Shawn Starbuck focusing on educating church leaders about the details of copyright.

I understand the challenges of navigating the entirety of the music business from acquiring performance rights, to music creation, to performance and provide my clients with a holistic approach to managing their music needs.  0 To 60 Music Services removes the need to coordinate with many music specialists and provides a single-source of information covering the vast majority of music services.