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Not Ashamed

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The Garden_Shawn Starbuck_Not Ashamed_sample.png

Not Ashamed

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by: Shawn Starbuck

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Track 1: Make His Praise Glorious - key of A
Track 2: Not Ashamed - key of B
Track 3: First Love* - key of Gb
Track 4: Behold The Lamb Of God - key of D
Track 5: Forgiven* - key of Gb
Track 6: Cover Me - key of G
Track 7: Disappear - key of G
Track 8: The Garden - key of C
Track 9: Lord's Prayer* - key of Dm
Track 10: Thank You - key of C
Track 11: Rev 4* - key of Ab

*Due to certain website limitations I was not able to include all of the charts in the online store.  However, I can send them to you directly by CLICKING HERE and sending me a message.  In your message please include the Song Title and the key you would like the chart in.  Thanks!